Thursday, September 24, 2009




i watched the show for the first time yesterday &+ lovedd iht x3

soooo basicallayy a summary of whats going on so far.:;

Joanna _

is shyyy &+ has the cutest crush on the photographer for the newspaper ,, ++ just fumbles with words when she opens up her mouth in front of him. then when she learns she has the power to get men to do what she wants with the power of her eyes ,, shes definitely going to use it &+ her outward ++ inward appearance will soon transform slowly but tremendously.

if you had the power to make men do what you want ,,
how would you use it.?

Kat Gardener_

&+ it`s real kay-utee to be married to your highschool sweetheart till he puts you through child
labor for five kids ,, you bring the money in by working as a nurse while he chills on a hammock and drinks beer +_+ and then you come to learn that you have a way with words beacause they can cause serious damage ( sudden outburst of tha earth would have to move for you to come ouht that hammock and well ++ behold a mini earthquake.]

would you marry your highschool sweetheart.?
&+ if you had the power to make you words cause serious damage ,,
how would that help you.?


&+ she wants a man with sexual desires to spice up her life ++ thats exactly what she recieves. ++ discovering you can see things happen in your mind before they happen in actuality will surely affect your life someway somehow ,,which can help alot when ya daughter is 1 sec. close to being a victim to rape.

If you coud see things before they happen ,,
would you appreciate the gift
dislike never being one to have a suprise.?
feel free to voice your opinion.XD


Jay-Z pwettay much confessed all to Oprah on his journeyy frm childhood to his success as an adult. He says "i went from grams to grammy`sz" _ telling Oprah he was selling crack when he was 13 years of age. He turned his life around through hiphop and look where he is now (aHIPHOPlegend.]
Jay`z was on Oprah today teachingg her how to freestylee lols.
" ....when life gives you lemons mhake lemon piee..."
people say when iht comes to being realistic ihts just not that simple to become successfhull.. buht hardwork &+ commitment to that one GREAT goal of yours does pay off ,,
you can do anything you put your mind too.!
interview in OCT. issue of the"O" Oprah Magazine.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BOYS.? swag_game,:; (the approach.]

soooo nowadays bwoys hardly ask for a # they ask for (aim] ,,

heres a few tipss to just letchu knoe washupp.:;

first approach a girl with a hello hi (following with a whats yuhr name]
"yertt" "yerppp" "yoo" just isn't cuttingg iht..

ask if she has a bwoyfwen. (even if yewh dnt rheallay caree.!]
&+ if yess OR noo mhake iht clear yewh juz wanna get to knoe herr on a friends basis aht least.!

pausee** _ ladiess

DONTIrepeatDONT get excited if a cute/sexy/bangable/etc.. bwoy asks for yuhr aimm.:;


1. he asked the other 4 girls that just graced his prescence before you.
2. after you walk away ,, you will be added to the 'futureflow/cuttybuddyy' list.
3. he will ask the next girl that graces his precence.
4. refer back to 1 pwhlease.


so after you establish a name and you put yours out there , ask for her # (aim] .:;
(what works best for you buht talkingg on the fhone usuallay establishes a relationship better]

after you have some type of form of contact everything else is pretty much in your hands.!

DONT`s DONT`s.:;

* don't be vulgar or tooh aggresive iht`s a turn off to most (&+ no luck as a result.]
** don't pull up your pants btw trying to talk to her _ however do invest in a belt. =)
*** don't run after her ,, have some dignity.
****dont expect her to walk back if you didnt use the chance when she was right near you.
***** don't grab her hand to get here attention (you don't knoe her like tha yet &+ viceversa.]
******don't make her feel uncomfortable (kidnappers/rapists are on the rise.]
*******don't show off (if with a group ,w8 till shes a good pace away, now approach her.]

if left anything out.? just leave a comment. _ this is just from my point of view. XD.


so i haven't been writing lately because of unavailable timee &+ writer`sz block moments.

buht i`ll leave a few thoughts of whats been goin through my mind lately.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009



killing this week`sz challengee they are representingg _
^^UPtownn to tha fullest .:;

let`sz see if they mhake iht to tha END.?!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

lil wayneee.weezzayy f. bayybee.

nowww we knoe alot fhind him to be so sexayy
&+ if yuh dnt yuhr most likelyy inLOVE.:;
wiff tha magic he mhakes when he puhts words togethaa.
BUT what will he look like with all these tatt`sz in old agee.!? hmmm..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

theGAME_tevee showw.

&+ no matter what he does she can't let go.:;
his bodyyy is just tooh BANGABLE.!

not sure if a new season will be coming.!?
BUT they just cant cancel this showw ihts so addictive.


im still nawt on board to this whole blogg thingg &+ trynna stay updated wiff .:;


shure isnt helpingg lols

&+ ma laptop after so much mishapss is upp ++ runninggg 8D

so bareee wiff mehh pwhleaseee. kayy. thnx. bababyee.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

LOVE _ &+ all tha stuff.

you every notice really and truly love is a battlefield.

its like the whole half empty/ half full glass concept.:;

when people forget about the ghood things about being in love with that significant other ,,
they focus on the disadvantages ...
++ only the baggage that their significant other brings to the table.

they lose site of what brought them to the state of lovee ++ get stuck on putting each other to blamee &+ eventuallayy everythingg goes upp in oneBIGflamee.

BUT if two people are stubbornn , yet they can be stubborn together they can overcome any problems they are going through. it all comes down to communication plain ++ simplee right.?

tooh BAD it really adds up to aBIG complicationn.

&+ SEX , if thats ever brought into the picture.?

two things.! :;

1. it CHANGES people therfore things will CHANGE.

2. it is wayyy OVERRATEDD.! ,
(its fun when its a mysteryy so you can build your own idea of it in your head.]
** especiallayy when you have a overr creativee imaginingg mind like mines lols.


Sunday, July 5, 2009


well lets start off with a name :; TIFFANY.

I have a lot of stuff built up insidee ,
I'm prettayy much can say i am somethingg like a woman (youngladayy] of words,
b/c somehow i still manage to express myself.

I would lovee to be a fashion designer ,
&+ being a lawyer is my backup plann ,
i knoee two total oppositess but thats what my mindd is set on.

I will be entering into my junior yr. come Sept. ,
so im a younginqq if i do say so myselff ,
i have 2 honors classes ++ a AP class so i plan to travel all the way to success.

However this summer leading up to the following school year hasn't been baddd ,
BUT hasn't been entirelyy soo GREAT either , hopingg during my junior yr...
i enter a new circle of friends &+ that i can be more responsible ++ changee the aspect of my life.

well i'll leavee you with that for noww.