Thursday, July 9, 2009

LOVE _ &+ all tha stuff.

you every notice really and truly love is a battlefield.

its like the whole half empty/ half full glass concept.:;

when people forget about the ghood things about being in love with that significant other ,,
they focus on the disadvantages ...
++ only the baggage that their significant other brings to the table.

they lose site of what brought them to the state of lovee ++ get stuck on putting each other to blamee &+ eventuallayy everythingg goes upp in oneBIGflamee.

BUT if two people are stubbornn , yet they can be stubborn together they can overcome any problems they are going through. it all comes down to communication plain ++ simplee right.?

tooh BAD it really adds up to aBIG complicationn.

&+ SEX , if thats ever brought into the picture.?

two things.! :;

1. it CHANGES people therfore things will CHANGE.

2. it is wayyy OVERRATEDD.! ,
(its fun when its a mysteryy so you can build your own idea of it in your head.]
** especiallayy when you have a overr creativee imaginingg mind like mines lols.


Sunday, July 5, 2009


well lets start off with a name :; TIFFANY.

I have a lot of stuff built up insidee ,
I'm prettayy much can say i am somethingg like a woman (youngladayy] of words,
b/c somehow i still manage to express myself.

I would lovee to be a fashion designer ,
&+ being a lawyer is my backup plann ,
i knoee two total oppositess but thats what my mindd is set on.

I will be entering into my junior yr. come Sept. ,
so im a younginqq if i do say so myselff ,
i have 2 honors classes ++ a AP class so i plan to travel all the way to success.

However this summer leading up to the following school year hasn't been baddd ,
BUT hasn't been entirelyy soo GREAT either , hopingg during my junior yr...
i enter a new circle of friends &+ that i can be more responsible ++ changee the aspect of my life.

well i'll leavee you with that for noww.