Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BOYS.? swag_game,:; (the approach.]

soooo nowadays bwoys hardly ask for a # they ask for (aim] ,,

heres a few tipss to just letchu knoe washupp.:;

first approach a girl with a hello hi (following with a whats yuhr name]
"yertt" "yerppp" "yoo" just isn't cuttingg iht..

ask if she has a bwoyfwen. (even if yewh dnt rheallay caree.!]
&+ if yess OR noo mhake iht clear yewh juz wanna get to knoe herr on a friends basis aht least.!

pausee** _ ladiess

DONTIrepeatDONT get excited if a cute/sexy/bangable/etc.. bwoy asks for yuhr aimm.:;


1. he asked the other 4 girls that just graced his prescence before you.
2. after you walk away ,, you will be added to the 'futureflow/cuttybuddyy' list.
3. he will ask the next girl that graces his precence.
4. refer back to 1 pwhlease.


so after you establish a name and you put yours out there , ask for her # (aim] .:;
(what works best for you buht talkingg on the fhone usuallay establishes a relationship better]

after you have some type of form of contact everything else is pretty much in your hands.!

DONT`s DONT`s.:;

* don't be vulgar or tooh aggresive iht`s a turn off to most (&+ no luck as a result.]
** don't pull up your pants btw trying to talk to her _ however do invest in a belt. =)
*** don't run after her ,, have some dignity.
****dont expect her to walk back if you didnt use the chance when she was right near you.
***** don't grab her hand to get here attention (you don't knoe her like tha yet &+ viceversa.]
******don't make her feel uncomfortable (kidnappers/rapists are on the rise.]
*******don't show off (if with a group ,w8 till shes a good pace away, now approach her.]

if left anything out.? just leave a comment. _ this is just from my point of view. XD.


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