Thursday, September 24, 2009




i watched the show for the first time yesterday &+ lovedd iht x3

soooo basicallayy a summary of whats going on so far.:;

Joanna _

is shyyy &+ has the cutest crush on the photographer for the newspaper ,, ++ just fumbles with words when she opens up her mouth in front of him. then when she learns she has the power to get men to do what she wants with the power of her eyes ,, shes definitely going to use it &+ her outward ++ inward appearance will soon transform slowly but tremendously.

if you had the power to make men do what you want ,,
how would you use it.?

Kat Gardener_

&+ it`s real kay-utee to be married to your highschool sweetheart till he puts you through child
labor for five kids ,, you bring the money in by working as a nurse while he chills on a hammock and drinks beer +_+ and then you come to learn that you have a way with words beacause they can cause serious damage ( sudden outburst of tha earth would have to move for you to come ouht that hammock and well ++ behold a mini earthquake.]

would you marry your highschool sweetheart.?
&+ if you had the power to make you words cause serious damage ,,
how would that help you.?


&+ she wants a man with sexual desires to spice up her life ++ thats exactly what she recieves. ++ discovering you can see things happen in your mind before they happen in actuality will surely affect your life someway somehow ,,which can help alot when ya daughter is 1 sec. close to being a victim to rape.

If you coud see things before they happen ,,
would you appreciate the gift
dislike never being one to have a suprise.?
feel free to voice your opinion.XD


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