Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jay-Z pwettay much confessed all to Oprah on his journeyy frm childhood to his success as an adult. He says "i went from grams to grammy`sz" _ telling Oprah he was selling crack when he was 13 years of age. He turned his life around through hiphop and look where he is now (aHIPHOPlegend.]
Jay`z was on Oprah today teachingg her how to freestylee lols.
" ....when life gives you lemons mhake lemon piee..."
people say when iht comes to being realistic ihts just not that simple to become successfhull.. buht hardwork &+ commitment to that one GREAT goal of yours does pay off ,,
you can do anything you put your mind too.!
interview in OCT. issue of the"O" Oprah Magazine.

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